2009 Vespa GTS 250

2009 VESPA GTS 250
2009 Vespa GTS 250
Primary Color:      White
Accent Color:      Black
Stock Number: 600677B
Mileage: 1,193
Engine: 250cccc
Warranty: Limited Warranty
Title: Clear
VIN: ZAPM459L295600677
Just add TT&T; only: $3,699
Vespa means wasp in Italian, and the GTS 250 packs one of the biggest stings in the iconic scooter lineup. The GTS 250 replaced its GTS 200 predecessor as the most powerful ‘wasp’ on the road (a new 2009 GTS300 has since eclipsed the 250.) The 250 delivers more palatable open-road performance for scooter lovers, opening the riding options to anything with blacktop. Credit the versatility of the big Vespa to its 4-valve 244cc Quasar Single. Quasar sounds like Star Trek to us, but it stands for QUArter liter Smooth Augmented Range – Quarter-liter being the operative word. See, the great thing about the Vespa GTS 250 is what it’s not, a 50-150cc scooter. We like the little guys too, but their applications are more specialized – a nice way of saying limited. The GTS 250 mill splits the difference between the fuel-efficient 125/150cc class and large-displacement 400-650cc maxi-scooters. The 250 delivers more palatable open-road performance for scooter lovers opening the riding options to anything with blacktop. We took the Vespa GTS 250 on many more roads than your typical scooter ventures. In real-world performance, the fuel-injected Quasar is capable of a variety of tasks with its claimed 22hp and 14.9 lb-ft of torque. The peppy throttle won’t intimidate newbies, yet seasoned riders will appreciate the acceleration and overtaking abilities. It’s no Hayabusa, but the GTS zips off a green light and motors ahead of four-wheeled traffic no problemo. Quite capable of freeway speeds, we rolled the GTS 250 out on the superslab on regular occasion. Interstate treks filled with cell-phone-chatting soccer moms and 18-wheeled big rigs enhanced our feeling of vulnerability, inherent on all two-wheelers but exaggerated on a scooter. And the large (for a scooter) 12-inch wheels don’t eliminate total unease on the freeway – especially if you’re trying to survive a wild commute in a major So-Cal-esque interstate system. That said, our initial apprehension faded as more and more freeway jaunts made the 70-mph cruises routine.
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2009 Vespa GTS 250 - Photo 2 - Marietta, GA 30062
2009 Vespa GTS 250 - Photo 3 - Marietta, GA 30062
2009 Vespa GTS 250 - Photo 4 - Marietta, GA 30062
2009 Vespa GTS 250 - Photo 5 - Marietta, GA 30062

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