Pricing, Taxes and Fees

Pricing - Fair and firm.
We just don't haggle over price - and that doesn't mean "haggling optional". Over the years, I've found that a negotiating contest tends to leave somebody feeling like a loser. I price all of our vehicles using the best data available, and I'm happy to show you. We won't have to take advantage of your good nature because the last guy wrung us out. Everybody wins. 

I've always found it interesting that so many people say they choose their car because "it was a good deal". Of course, everybody has a different notion of what makes a deal "good". I recommend that you reflect on your definition of a good deal. If it's an honestly and well represented car or motorcycle, reconditioned to a unusually high standard, and priced appropriately for the market - you'll probably - hopefully - appreciate our approach. 

Taxes and Other Fees
The Georgia State legislature has made it clear that we must collect state taxes on all sales to Georgia residents. It is not negotiable.
We don't usually collect sales tax on sales to out of state residents as it is usually collected at the point of registration. In some cases we may be able to handle tax transaction for out-of-state purchases as a convenience.
All automobile buyers are responsible for our document service fee of $295, which covers title processing, emissions certification, temporary tags, and such. Motorcycle document fees vary.
Customs duties on international sales, shipping costs, and the like, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you'll find it helpful.
Wade Patrick